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Why should you recommend to your connections?

Finding a suitable and trusted answer is very difficult. Help each other to find the best answers!
trust recommendations from their connections more than other channels

use word-of-mouth marketing to increase their brand awareness

of people trust suggestions from family and friends.

A page with a lot of features!

Use it anywhere!
Share your Recom page wherever your audience is; Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc.
Simple to use
It takes seconds to build your Recom page.
Fully customizable
Use customized themes and put all of your important links such as your websites and socials.
Build better follower relationship
Your followers can ask you for your recommendations, and you can improve your page engagement.
For everyone!

Anyone can make a Recom page. It does not matter what your specialty is!

It’s totally free, easy and only takes a minute.
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